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Shipping Policy

Transport information:

The order will be delivered in two stages

  1. Order processing time: the time required for us to prepare the order for shipment. In some cases, this involves confirmation of inventory and inspection of product quality.
  1. Delivery time: the time required to receive the order after the order is shipped. Delivery time may vary depending on your location and delivery method.
  2. If your order reaches a certain quantity, we will provide free courier and standard delivery services.


United States Standard 10-20 business days

US $5.99


over US$59

Canada Standard 8-18 business days
Australia Standard 8-18 business days
United Kingdom Standard 10-20 business days
Germany Standard 10-20 business days


* These are estimates based on the delivery time of most orders. The actual processing and transportation time may be shorter or longer, depending on the customs clearance speed and local delivery speed.

* Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay on the delivery.
May be delayed by 7-15 days.

Processing time: 3-7 Days
Shipping time: 14~30 Days

Due to the impact of the local snowstorm, the logistics has been delayed.May be delayed by 7-15 days.

Some remote areas or military bases that cannot be distributed normally will be refunded after verification.

If there are special reasons for the short-term extension of the logistics time limit, we will make a public announcement on the home page of the website.

About US Porch Thief Lead To Package Loss.
Many customers in the United States directly sign a visa-free agreement. Many of them will communicate directly to the door.
If it is determined that it has been lost, please go to the local post office to issue a certificate and then send the certificate back to us.This kind of sign-off must be issued by the local post office to the service provider.

We will conduct an investigation and check the claim.